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Corner Bergvlei & Stellenberg Road,
South Africa
Welcome to Axiom Hydraulics
Axiom Hydraulics (Pty) Ltd was established in 1963, originally selling hose and fittings with the emphasis on 1” double wire braided hoses, primarily used for pumping cement. The distribution of hydraulic components was added in 1968. From these humble beginnings the company has grown over the years into one of South Africa’s leading hydraulic companies.
It is a well established fact that Axiom Hydraulics is recognised by our customer for the contribution we make in improving performance. Clients have proved to be loyal and supportive over the forty eight years and the company aims to merit this. The company is a long standing member of SAFPA (South African Fluid Power Association) and actively supports its aims and ideology.
One of Axiom’s primary strengths lies in our ability to produce complete solutions for any hydraulics requirement for any industry, as well as our ability to offer a variety of mechanical solution due to our planetary gearbox and brake agencies. In essence Axiom Hydraulics offers mechanical, hydraulics and hydro-mechanical solutions for most industrial requirements. 

Axiom Hydraulics is the sole distributer for:

   ·  Fairfield torque hub.
   ·  Sun hydraulics cartridge valves.
   ·  Samhydraulics.
   ·  Zinga filters.
   ·  Guardex couplings.
   ·  ASA Coolers.
   ·  Ausco Brakes.

Axiom Hydraulics designs complete hydraulic systems such as, hydraulic transmissions, integrated circuits and manifold blocks to mention but a few. We use the latest products to generate production drawings, suitable for CNC programming and manufacture assembly drawings with overall view and dimensions and finally circuit drawings, performance specifications and parts lists. We utilize the latest version of Hydroman, a specialist manifold block CAD design program from a Dutch company Paro Engineering. This system allows for much shorter lead times and more flexible engineering and has proven to be an outstanding asset to our company and our customers.

Production and workshop facilities are housed in an area of 2000m2 on which we operate CNC machines internal and external grinding, Lathe machines, broaching, hobbing and lapping etc. We also repair, recondition and service all the equipment we distribute. In our workshop we operate tailor made test benches, to allow us to simulate work conditions in the field.

We have adopted the ideology of an open work place from our major supplier, Sun Hydraulics. This implies no job titles, hierarchy or job descriptions, we have an open office configuration which promotes good communication. Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of providing the best possible service to our customers. Axiom Hydraulics enjoys excellent working relations and support from all our suppliers, which in turn enables us to pass on their specialized knowledge to the industry.

Axiom Hydraulics has distributors in the 3 main hubs of South Africa, namely:

Hydraulic Tools in Cape Town; they are housed on an area of 1500m2, which includes repairs and machine shop with testing facilities. The company targets hydraulics companies and original equipment manufacturers in the greater Cape Province area.

Axiom Hydraulics in Natal; they have been in business for over thirty years. The company utilises the latest CNC machines, including lathes, milling machines, grinding and test rigs. The company targets the following industries, amongst others the Sugar, Steel, Marine, Automotive and chemical industries.